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Agassiz Granite is a company that is all about the craft of Natural stone & Quartz countertops. Agassiz Granite Tops is based in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and our company has many years of experience serving the Ottertail County Lakes area, as well as all of west central MN. We are a small company owned by Jason Nelson, who has been working with granite since 1996, he is also the one who comes and measures/templates, and cuts your project. Being the owner of the company, you are assured you will get the service and attention that you deserve. After your kitchen is cut, then it moves into the ?detailing? stage. This is where your kitchen receives its edge detail, sink cutouts, and is prepared for installation; this phase is done by Jason (?Stubby?), who will also install your kitchen. Stubby joined the company in 2004. One of the great things about us is that everyone works on your kitchen, and you get to know the whole company. We really feel that once we leave your house that you are now friends of ours! We do around 100 kitchens per year and we?ve been doing it since the year 2000 steady. We are a company that prides itself on honesty and hard work, we try our very best to make sure that every customer leaves with satisfaction and knowledge of their purchase. Whether you want the classic look of Granite, or the modern look of Quartz including Hanstone, Silestone, Caesarstone, and LG, here at Agassiz we will help you make the right choice. We know not everyone can afford an upgrade to their kitchen on a whim, and most save for this purchase (although a lot of people are surprised at how some granites are very comparable or less, to other countertops in price), we want to be sure you get the very best with the least amount of hassle! We are confident that once you meet us and work with us that you?ll suggest us to your friends. We are your home town choice, your local choice, your choice that you?ll say ?I?m happy we decided to use Agassiz, those guys are great?!! So make a sketch of your kitchen and come and see us for a free quote, you?ll be glad you did! And we can?t wait to meet you!

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Agassiz Granite Tops

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