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Runestone Telecom Association

Telephone Services
We provide phone service in west-central Minnesota to the areas of Barrett, Cyrus, Donnelly, Elbow Lake, Hoffman, Kensington, Lowry, Norcross, Tintah and Wendell.
Runestone offers the following local exchange telecommunications services to all consumers throughout its service area:
Voice grade access to the public switched network
Local exchange service including an amount of local usage free of per minute charges under a flat rated local service package
Dual tone multi-frequency signal
Single party service
Access to emergency service
Access to operator services
Access to interexchange service
Access to directory assistance
Toll blocking without charge to qualified low-income customers
Subsidized discounts are available to customers meeting certain low-income criteria. Information concerning these plans is available at Runestone Telecom Association at 320-986-2013.
Long Distance Service
Voice Mail Service
Telephone Feature
High-Speed Internet Services
High-Speed Internet Connection:
24-hour connection, no time limits (in accordance w/ Acceptable Use Policy).
Choose a connection speed to suit your needs.
No monthly data caps.
24/7 Helpdesk
All services subject to availability. Please call us for more information.
One-time installation fee. Need a wireless (WiFi) router? We lease remotely managed routers for $3.95 per month.  All use of Runestone Internet Services must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy
Please refer to the Service Map for more information on the internet services available in your area
Runestone Telecom Association

Runestone Telecom Association

100 Runestone Drive/PO Box 336
Hoffman, MN 56339
(320) 986-2013
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